19th Century Occupations or job descriptions from Gabeler to Gyp.


G.P.O. Inspector
G.P.O. Letter Carrier
GabelerA tax collector.
Gafferforeman of a work crew, or an elderly rustic, an old man.
Gaffmana bailiff
GagerA tax collector of liquor taxes.
Galvaniseriron worker who coated metal with zinc, to inhibit rust
Galvanized Bath Maker
Gamekeeperlooked after the grounds and protected the game against poachers on a country estate
Gamestergambler or prostitute
Ganger or GangsmanAn overseer or foreman
GannekerA tavern keeper.
GaolerA keeper of the gaol, a jailer
Garcifer or GarcioA groom, or attendant.
Gardenerlooked after gardens
Garlekmonger or GarlicmongerA dealer in garlic.
Garment Dyer & Cleaner
Garment Maker
Garment Shape Cutter
GarthmanA yardman or herdsman, or one responsible for the upkeep of a garth, a dam built in a river to catch fish.
Gas Engine Driver
Gas Engineer
Gas Fitter & PlumberAlso Gasfitter; fitted gas appliances; gas lamps, and lead piping
Gas Lantern Maker
Gas Lighter
Gas Mantle Band Sewer
Gas Mantle Form Maker
Gas Mantle Maker
Gas Meter Presser
Gas Stokerstoked the fire in a gas works
Gas Stove Fitter
Gas Tester
Gate KeeperAlso Gatekeeper;
GaterA watchman.
GathererA glassworker who inserted the blow iron into the molten glass ready for the glass blower.
Gatherer's BoyA person who held a shovel to shield the gatherer's face from the heat of a fire or furnace.
GatwardA goat keeper.
GaugerA customs official who measured the capacity of imported barrels of liquor in order to calculate the customs duty.
GaunterA glover
GavellerA Usurer, or in the Forest of Dean, an officer of the Crown who granted gales or the right to work a mine, or in Suffolk a harvest worker, usually female.
GelderA castrator of animals, usually horses.
General Agent
General Dealer, Shopa shop that sold almost everything. General was often abreviated to Gen, or Gen'l.
General LaborerAmerican spelling of general labourer
General Labourergeneral labourer, usually lifting and carrying etc
General Servantgeneral servant, usually domestic
Gentlemana member of the gentry, a descendant from an aristocratic family whose income came from the rental of his land.
GeometerA person skilled in geometry.
Gerund GrinderA nickname for a latin instructor.
Gilderapplies gold leaf
GimlerA machinist involved in making a gimp, a kind of card.
GinerrA joiner.
Ginour or GynourAn engineer.
GirdlerA leather worker who made girdles and belts, mainly in the army.
GirthhoxterSee Girthweaver.
GirthweaverSpecialist weaver, makes strap harnesses for horses
Glass & China Dealer
Glass Beveller
Glass Blowermaker of glass items
Glass CoachmanA driver of a two-horse carriage hired out for the day.
Glass Cutter
Glass Fitter
Glass Grinder
Glass Letter Gilder
Glass Room Maid
Glass Show Case Maker
GlassmanA seller of glassware.
Glassewryght, or Glasswrightmaker and mender of glassware.
Glazierglass cutter or window glassman
Glove Fastener
Glove Finisherfinished gloves
Glove Maker
GloverA Male glove maker; onr who makes or sells gloves
GloveressA Female glove maker; often starting as a young girl.
Goat Carriage ManA driver of small passenger carriage.
GobarA jobber.
Gold & Silver Refiner's Labourer
Gold & Silver Smith
Gold BeaterSomeone who beats gold to shape it into something.
Gold Blocker
Gold EmbroiderSomeone who embroiders in gold thread.
Gold Embroideress
Gold Flocker
Gold Lace Trimmer
Gold Layerer
Gold Scaler
Gold Spectacle MakerSomeone who made spectacles out of gold.
Gold Watch Pendant Maker
Goldsmithmaker of gold articles. Also a nickname for a banker.
Goldsmith, silversmithMaker of gold and silver articles.
GoodmanA solid member of the community who ranked above a free-man but below a gentleman on the social scale.
Goose HerdA person who keeps or tends geese.
GorzemanA person who sells gorse or broom.
GPO Letter Sorter
Grace WifeA midwife.
GrafferA notary or scrivener.
GraverAn engraver, a carver or sculptor, or a dockside worker who cleaned ships bottoms by burning and tarring.
Graver Maker
Grazierpastures and raises cattle
Greave or GrieveA bailiff, foreman or sheriff.
GrecherA grocer.
Green GrocerAlso Greengrocer; Someone who sells fruit and vegetables.
Green SmithSomeone who works with copper & latten
Greenwich BarberA retailer of sand collected from the Greenwich pits.
GriffinA European newly arrived in India, and unaccustomed to Indian ways; a novice, a newcomer, a greenhorn.
GrimbribberA lawyer.
GrinderOne who operated a grinding machine in various trades, or a worker who maintained a carding machine in the textile industry, or a private tutor (slang).
Grindery Dealerdealer in ground stuff; spices etc
Grocershort for greengrocer
Grocer's Managermanager of a green grocer's shop
Grocery & General Dealersold almost everything including fruit and veg
Groomlooked after horses
GrooverA miner.
Groundsel & Chickweed SellerA street seller of common weeds, used to feed pet song-birds.
GuardianAppointed by the court, someone who cares for the property and rights of a minor or someone incapable of handling his or her own affairs.
GuildererA maker of gold or silver coins
Guinea PigAn unattached or roving person whose fee was usually a guinea (slang).
GummerA person who improved old saws by deepening the cuts.
Gummer, EnvelopeSomeone who applied gum to envelopes.
Gun Fitter, Lock
Gun Maker
Gun Plate Hand
Gunsmith, Gun manfacturermade guns
Gymnastic Instructor, School
Gynour or GinourAn engineer.
Gypcollege servant especially one attending undergraduates

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