Victorian Occupations – A

19th Century Occupations or job descriptions from Able Seaman to Axle Tree Maker.

Able Seaman A seaman who reached a standard of skill above that of Ordinary Seaman.
Academic A scholarly person, of a university, etc.
Academician A member of an academy, especially of the Royal Academy of Arts.
Acater, or Achateur supplied food provisions, e.g. a ships chandler
Accipitrary falconer
Accomptant accountant
Accoucheur A man who assisted women in childbirth – Midwife
Accoucheuse A Woman who assisted women in childbirth – Midwife
Accountant A person involved in maintenance and auditing of accounts and financial matters
Accountant’s Clerk A person who assisted an accountant, and did most of the basic accountancy work such as filing and preparing documents.
Accoutre supplier of military clothing and accessories
Accoutrement Maker supplier of military clothing and accessories
Ackerman/Acreman a ploughman, or an oxherder
Actor Someone who performs on the stage in a Theatre, or even on the street (Male)
Actress Someone who performs on the stage in a Theatre, or even on the street (Female)
Actuary One who calculates insurance risks, and kept public accounts of business,
Administrator Someone who directed the affairs of another, or one who settles the estate of a deceased person who died intestate.
Administratrix A female Administrator
Adventurer A person who seeks adventures; a mercenary soldier; one who lives by his wits.
Advertisement Conveyancer Sandwich board man
Advocate A Prosecutor in a court of law in Scotland, also a Solicitor, or Lawyer.
Advocate Deputy A Scottish law officer who could act as public prosecutor.
Advowee One who has an Advowson, normally a nobleman, who had the right to presentation to a vacant benefice, in English ecclesiastical law.
Aeronaut A balloonist or a trapeze artist in the circus or music halls
Affeeror (Assessor) responsible for ensuring that those fined by a Manor Court, actually paid their fines
Agent, broker, factor One who acts or transacts business for another
Agister official of the Royal Forests
Agricultural Labourer A farm servant, farm worker, shepherd, etc
Agriculturist A person involved with land cultivation or animal husbandry.
Alabasterer worked with alabaster
Alblastere crossbow man
Alchemist A medieval chemist who claimed to be able to turn base metals into gold.
Alderman senior councillor one position down from Mayor in the local council
Ale Connor/Founder official who tested quality and measure of ale served in public houses
Ale Draper seller of ale
Ale Taster tested ale and beer for quality
Ale Tunner brewery worker who fills ale casks (tuns) with ale
Ale Wife woman who keeps an alehouse or tavern
All Spice grocer
Almoner Giver of Charity to the needy – one who gave out alms to the poor on behalf of the parish. Also the title of a hospital manager, or one in charge of an Almshouse.
Almsman one who received alms or charity
Alnager (Aulnager)A town official who examined the quality of woollen goods and stamped them with a seal of approval.
Amanuensis A person employed to take dictation or to copy manuscripts – A Secretary or Stenographer.
Amber & Jet Cutter A person who cut and polished amber for jewelry
Amber Cutter A person who cuts amber
Ambler Officer of the Royal Stable who broke in horses
Amen Man Parish clerk
Anchor Smith A person who made anchors
Anchoress A female hermit or religious recluse
Anchorite A male hermit or religious recluse
Angle Iron Smith A person who made angle iron
Anilepman A smallholder, or tenant of the manor
Ankle Beater A young person who helped to drive the cattle to market
Annatto Maker Worked in the manufacture of dyes for paint or printing
Annuitant A person who received an annual income not from working e.g. a pensioner.
Antigropelos Maker A person who made waterproof leggings
Anvil Smith One who made anvils and hammers for blacksmiths
Apiarian Beekeeper
Apothecary (Apotheecary) Prepared and medicines and drugs; pharmacist
Apparitor Official who summoned witnesses in the ecclesiastical courts
Appraiser (Broker) A person who appraised the value of goods.
Apprentice One who was bound to a skilled worker for a specified time to learn a trade – Apprenticeship
Aproneer A shopkeeper
Apronman Mechanic
Aquarius (Ewar) Waterman
Aquavita Seller A person who sold alcohol
Arbiter A person who judged disputes.
Archer A person skilled in using a bow and arrow.
Archiator Physician
Archil Maker Made a violet dye from lichens, used in the textile industry
Architect A person who plans, designs, and oversees the construction of buildings.
Archivist A person who kept records of historical value.
Arkwright Skilled craftsman who produced arks; wooden chests or coffers
Armiger Squire who carried the armour of a knight, or one entitled to bear heraldic arms.
Armourer Made suits of armour or plates of armour for buildings or ships etc.
Articled Clerk An apprentice in the accountancy or legal professions
Articling Student See Articled Clerk.
Artificer A soldier mechanic who does repairs
Artificer Skilled or artistic worker or craftsman
Artificial Florist Made and sold artificial flowers
Artificial Florist’s Assistant Assistant to an Artificial Florist
Artificial Flower Hand See Artificial Florist.
Artificial Flower Maker See Artificial Florist
Artificial Flowerist See Artificial Florist.
Artificial Fruit Maker Someone who made artificial fruit.
Artificial Limb Maker Someone who made artificial limbs.
Artisan A skilled tradesman.
Artist Someone engaged in one or more of any of a broad spectrum of activities related to creating art; painting, sculpting etc.
Artist in Fireworks A person who prepared fireworks displays.
Artists Mount Cutter Someone who assisted an artist by cutting the mounting board for a picture frame.
Artizan Obsolete spelling of Artisan.
Artizan’s Labourer Someone who worked for an Artisan or Artizan, carrying out the menial tasks.
Ashman Dustman, or Refuse Collector. Also someone who cleans the ashes from a boiler.
Ashmanshipman A Sailor who cleaned the ashes from a ships boiler
Asphalter Someone who worked on the roads, spreading the asphalt to create or repair the road surface.
Assay Master One who determined the amount of gold or silver to go into coins to be minted
Assayer One who determined the proportions of metal in ore.
Assessor (Affeeror)An official in the manorial courts who assessed monetary penalties (fines). They also collected taxes and dues
Assistant Assisted someone else in their trade, often a master
Assurance Agent Sells life assurance policies
Asylum Attendant Someone who worked in an Asylum, looking after the incumbents.
Attendant on Sick Nurse
Auctioneer Someone who conducts an auction; He or she announces the lots, and controls the bidding.
Aulnager (Alnager)A town official who examined the quality of woollen goods and stamped them with a seal of approval.
Auger Maker Made carpenters augers, used for boring holes in wood
Aurifaber Goldsmith
Avenator (Plantifene) A hay and forage merchant.
Avowry The Lord of the Manor
Axle Tree Maker / Turner Made axles for coaches and wagons