Victorian Occupations – D

19th Century Occupations or job descriptions from Daguerreotype Artist to Dyker.

Daguerreotype Artist An early name for a photographer (from the Daguerreotype method).
Daily Help, Dom
Dairy Assistant
Dairy Keeper
Dairy Shop Woman
Dairymaid Also Dairy Maid.
Dairyman Also Dairy Man; worker or owner of a dairy farm or seller of dairy products, such as butter, cheese and milk.
Damster A builder of dams for logging purposes.
Danter female overseer in the winding rooms of a silk mill
Dareman A Dairyman
Dataller, Dateler, Daytaleman or Day Labourer See Day Man
Daunsel A gentleman in waiting; groom; squire
Day Man A casual worker, usually employed and paid by the day, the term was used in many different industries and trades.
Deal Porter
Dealer in Building Material Obvious really
Dealer in Books ditto
Dealer in Dogs ditto
Dealer in Handcarts ditto
Dealer in second hand clothes ditto
Dealer, Shop Shopkeeper, all kinds
Deathsman An Executioner.
Decimer A person elected by the householders in a street to act as their representative at the borough’s Court Leet.
Decorator decorates houses
Decoyman A person employed to decoy the wild fowl, animals, etc, into a trap or within shooting range.
Decretist A person knowledgeable in decrees, decretals.
Deemer, Deemster, Demster or Dempster A judge, often in the Channel Isles or Isle of Man.
Deformite Machinist
Delivery Clerk clerk in charge of delivery
Delivery Foreman
Delver dug ditches
Dental Surgeon
Dentist fixed teeth
Departer A refiner of precious metals.
Deputy safety officer for the pit crew in the mining industry.
Deputy Caretaker
Deputy, Lodging House made sure that everyone paid for their bed
Deputy, Superintendant
Derrickman A person who worked on an oil well handling the tubes and rods used in drilling.
Detective Police Inspector
Devil printer’s errand boy
Deviller operated the devil, a machine that tore rags used in the textile industry
Dexter A dyer
Dey Wife female dairy worker
Diamond Cutter
Diamond Digger
Diamond Mounter
Diamond Polisher polished diamonds
Diamond Setter
Digger A person who worked at the coal face in a mine, or a day labourer in a stone or slate quarry.
Dikeman A hedger or ditcher.
Dining Room Keeper
Dining Table Maker, Cabt
Dipper worked in the pottery trade and was responsible for the glazing of items
Dish Thrower, or Disher A person who made bowls and dishes from clay.
Dish Turner A person who made wooden bowls or dishes.
Dispensary Agent
Dispenser of Medicines
Distiller A person who made alcoholic beverages by distillation – spirits. Also called a Rectifier.
Distillery Warehouseman
Distributor A parish official attached to the workhouse or poorhouse who looked after the secular needs of the poor.
District Nurse
Diviner See Dowser
Dock Cooper a cooper who worked on the dock
Dock Foreman
Dock Laborer american spelling of general labourer who worked on the dock
Dock Labourer general labourer who worked on the dock
Dock Master in charge of a dockyard
Dock Porter a porter who worked on the dock
Dock Walloper A dock worker, or Longshoreman.
Docker Stevedore, dock worker who loads & unloads cargo
Doctor’s Lad, Porter doctor’s assistant
Dog Biscuit Baker
Dog Breaker A person who trained dogs.
Dog Killer A person employed by the parish to kill any dogs found wandering around loose.
Dog Leech A veterinarian.
Dog Muzzle Maker made dog muzzles
Dog Whipper When foxes were hunted for bounty the tail of the fox was nailed to the church door as proof of capture. The Dog Whipper was employed to deal with the dogs which disrupted the church service, attracted by the tails.
Doll Dresser, Toy
Doll Maker
Domesman Nickname for a judge.
Domestic, Dom or Domestic Servant household servant
Domestic Housemaid
Domestic Servant Any one or more of cook, general, nurse, nursemaid, etc.
Donkey Boy or Man The driver of a carriage for passengers.
Door Keeper guard, janitor, or porter
Dorcas A seamstress.
Doubler A person who operated a machine used to twist together strands of cotton, wool or other fibre.
Dowser or Diviner Someone who claims to be able to find water underground, using a forked rod or witching stick made of hazel.
Dozener See Decimer.
Dragman A fisherman who fished by dragging a net along the bottom of the water.
Dragoman A Turkish or Arabic interpreter.
Dragoon A cavalryman.
Drainer A person who made drains.
Dramatic Author & Actor
Drape Maker
Draper dealer in fabrics and sewing needs, cotton, linen and woollen, or a dealer in dry goods
Draper Come Traveller travelling draper
Draper’s Assistant assisted – obvious really
Draper’s Porter carried stuff for a draper
Draper’s Shop Walker
Drapery Packer
Drapery Painter One whose painting skills were not that good, they usually finished paintings for the artists by painting on the clothes of the subject, hence Drapery Painter.
Draughtsman drew technical drawings
Draughtsman Engineer got a degree and drew technical drawings
Drawboy A weavers assistant in the shawl making mills. They sat atop the looms and lifted the heavy warps.
Drawer A person who made wire by drawing the metal through a die, or a person who raised the coal up the shaft to the surface in a mine.
Drayman Also Dray Man; One who drives a long strong 4 wheeled cart called a dray, without fixed sides for carrying loads, usually beer kegs
Dredgerman A person who went on the River Thames in a boat to collect the debris that had fallen overboard from other vessels which they would then sell. Also an Oyster Fishermen.
Dress Fitter fitted dresses
Dress Maker Also Dressmaker; A person who made clothing, particularly dresses.
Dress Pad Maker
Dresser A surgeon’s assistant in a hospital, or a person who prepared things, e.g. clothing for a noble person, food, etc. Also a person who operated a machine that prepared threads in the textile industry.
Dressing Bag Maker
Dressing Gown Corder
Dressing Gown Maker made dressing gowns
Dressing Machine Maker A person who made sewing machines.
Drift Maker A person who made drift nets, used in the fishing industry.
Dripping Man dealer in dripping (the fat collected during the cooking of meats)
Driver A slave overseer.
Driver, Groom Someone who drove a coach and looked after the horses.
Drover One who drove cattle, sheep to market, also a dealer in cattle.
Drugger A Chemist or Pharmacist.
Druggist prepared drugs for sale
Drug Grinder ground drugs to a powder
Drum Battledore Maker A person who made galvanised metal drums fitted with paddles used as mechanical agitators in washing machines (battledore is the name of the bat shaped paddles).
Drum Maker made drums
Drummer Traveling salesman
Dry Cooper Someone who made barrels or chests for storing dry goods.
Dry Salter Also Drysalter; A dealer in pickles, dried meats, salted meats, and sauces. A dealer in dyes and colours used in the dying trade. Also a person who made or dealt in salt.
Dry Salter’s Porter
Dry Stone Waller A person who built stone walls usually using the stones removed from the fields as building materials. The art was in not using any cement or mortar. Dry Stane Dyker – Scottish term for the same thing.
Dubbere A cloth dubber, someone who raises the nap of the cloth.
Dudder A maker of coarse cloaks.
Duffer peddler of cheap goods
Dust Sorter
Dustman or Dustbin Man collected domestic refuse, a garbage collector
Dyer employed in the textile mills to color fabric prior to weaving
Dykeman or Dysshere A hedger or ditcher.
Dyker Scottish term for a stonemason.