Victorian Occupations – E

19th Century Occupations or job descriptions from Ealdorman to Eyer.

Ealdor Officer
Ealdorman An official of the shire courts who acted as the King’s deputy taking payment from the profits of the court.
Earer A ploughman.
Earthenware manufacture made earthenware products; plantpots etc
Earth Stopper A person employed to close up the entrances of a fox’s earth before the hunt began.
East India Man A person employed by the East India Company, on a commercial or military basis.
East India Merchant Clerk
Eating House Keeper
Ebonite Turner A person who worked with ebonite or vulcanite, making combs or ornaments.
Edge Tool Maker Blacksmith who made knives and agricultural implements such as scythes.
Education Superintendant
Eel Pie House
Eel Pie Shop Keeper
Eel Shop Keeper
Egg Dealer, Egg Factor or Eggler egg or poultry dealer
Egg Merchant
Elephants Teeth Dealer A person who dealt in ivory ornaments etc.
Electric Engineer
Electric Light Engineer
Electric Light Wireman
Electrical Engineer
Electrical Plumber
Electrician did electical work
Electro Plater
Electro Typer type setter for a printer
Electrotype Asst Fitter
Electrotyper, White
Elementary School Teacher
Ellerman, Elliman or Oilman One who sold oil used for lamps
Elymaker An oilmaker
Embosser moulded or carved designs that were raised above the surface of the material
Embroider makes embroidery
Embroiderer in Gold
Embroideress Embroidery is the art of decorating fabric or other materials with needle and thread or yarn
Empresario A land broker, settlement scheme promoter, showman.
Enamel Painter
Endholdernn An inn keeper
Endorsing Stamp Engraver
Engine & Machine Fitter
Engine and Machine Maker makes engines and machines
Engine Driver, Railway
Engine Driver, Stationary
Engine driver, stoker drives an engine and stokes the boiler
Engine Fitter fitted engines
Engine Tenter A person who operated the machine which stretched the cloth whilst drying in a woollen mill.
Engine Turner An engraver who produced overlaping geometric patterns on fancy goods. Engine turning was commonly seen on ladies powder compacts and other such items.
Engineman Someone who worked in the engine house at a coal mine, in charge of the winding engine that pulled the cage up and down the mine shaft.
Engineer A person who designed roads, bridges, or machinery. Also a person who drove or serviced any machinery e.g. engine drivers.
Engineer, Journeyman A fully qualified engineer
Engineer, Professional Consultant An engineer who had risen above journeyman status, usually employed by railway, mining, and building companies on larger projects. See Civil Engineer
Engineer’s Apprentice apprentice to above
Engineman Also Engine Man; employed at a mine to be in charge of the machinery in the engine house used to crush and transport the ore.
Engraver One who cuts or carves designs or lettering in metal, stone or wood etc.
Enumerator collected and recorded the information for the census from the householder
Envelope Black Borderer
Envelope Cutter cut envelopes
Envelope Folder folded envelopes
Envelope Gummer
Envelope Machine Fitter
Envelope Machine Ruler Also Envelope Machine Minder; Someone who watched the envelope machine to make sure it worked correctly and to prevent or correct jams.
Envelope Maker
Envelope Stamper Stamped envelopes.
Equerry An officer of the Royal household usually responsible for the royal horses.
Eremite A Hermit.
Erite An heretic.
Errand Boy Obvious really
Errand Girl ditto
Esperanto Instructor
Esquire attended a knight, carried his shield among other things. Later it became a title for a man of standing in society, by birth, position or education.
Estafette A mounted courier.
Etcher A person who cuts or carves designs or lettering in metal or stone etc. A person who made the plates for printing patterns on cloth or banknotes. An Engraver.
Etcher’s Apprentice
Ewe Herd A shepherd.
Excavator Someone who dug ditches and trenches.
Exchequer revenue collector
Exciseman excise tax collector
Executrix A female Executor.
Experimantal Engineer
Export Clothier
Export Packer
Expressman One who delivered mail
Eyer or Holer one who made eyes in needles used for sewing