Victorian Occupations – H

19th Century Occupations or job descriptions from Haberdasher to Hush Shop Keeper.

Haberdasher Dealer in ribbons, needles, pins, or a dealer in men’s clothing; hats, shirts, ties, collars, etc.
Haberdashery Assistant
Hacker Maker of hoes, axes, and other cutting tools. or a woodcutter.
Hackler A person in the linen trade, who separated the coarse part of flax or hemp with a hackle, an instrument with teeth.
Hackman or Hackmann One who drove a carriage
Hackney Carriage Driver
Hackney Man renter of horses & carriages
Hair Brush Maker
Hair Cutter
Hair Dresser Also Hairdresser; Someone who cut and styled hair
Hair Dresser & Perfumer
Hair Dresser & Wig Maker ditto & made wigs
Hair Dresser’s Apprentice apprentice to above
Hair Pin Folder
Hair Seating & Curled Hair Merchant A dealer in horse-hair stuffing used in upholstery.
Hairman Hairweaver.
Hairweaver Also Hair Weaver; A weaver of cloth composed wholly or partly of horsehair.
Halbert Carrier A soldier or halberdier, armed with a halberd, a combination spear and battleaxe. A ceremonial officer.
Hall Keeper
Hall Porter
Halter made halters for horses
Hamberghmaker or Hamberow A horse collar maker.
Hammerman (Smith) hammerer, a smith
Hanchman horseman or groom
Hand assistant
Hand Saw Part Maker
Handseller street vendor
Handwoman midwife or female attendant
Handy Man odd job man
Hansard weapon maker or seller
Hard Wood Turner
Harlot A Vagabond, beggar, rogue, or a loose woman
Harmer Beck A Constable.
Harness Maker made horses harnesses
Harness Plater
Harness Stitcher
Harper A person who plays the harp; a musician.
Hat & Bonnet Blank Maker
Hat & Cap Hand assistant cap and hat maker
Hat & Cap Machinist
Hat & Cap Maker
Hat & Cap Manufacturer owner of a hat and cap factory
Hat Dresser
Hat Furrer added fur to hats
Hat Trimmer
Hatcheler One who cleaned, combed or carded flax
Hatter maker of or dealer in hats
Hatter’s & Hosier’s Engineer
Hawker Also Coster or Huckster; peddler – sells things on the streets, earthenware, fruit, laces, matches stationery, tinware etc
Hay Band Dealer
Haymonger dealer in hay
Hayward Keeper of fences, or one tending a hayfield
Head Band Trimmer
Head Mistress, Elementary School
Headborough A constable.
Headsman A nickname for an executioner.
Headswoman A midwife.
Heald Knitter An operator of a textile machine which produced a jersey type of fabric as opposed to woven fabric.
Hearth Stone Maker
Hebrew Book seller Obvious really
Hebrew Reader Master taught students to read hebrew
Hebrew Teacher ditto
Hebrew Writer wrote hebrew
Heck Maker A maker of a part of a spinning machine by which the yarn is guided to the reels.
Heckler See Hackler.
Hedge Looker supervised repair of fences and hedges. See Hayward
Hedger hedge trimmer
Heel Maker or Heelmaker made boot and shoe heels
Hellier A slater or tiler of roofs.
Helper-Up A young boy employed in pits to help other workers.
Hemp Heckler A flax dresser. See hackler.
Henchman A horseman or groom, or a Squire, or page of honour.
Hensman A horseman or groom.
Henter A thief.
Herd A shepherd or herdsman
Hetheleder One who provided heather for fuel.
Hewer A miner, or face worker, who cut coal, stone, etc, in a mine
Higgler A person who haggles or bargains, an itinerant peddler
High Sheriff the highest-ranking sheriff, as opposed to deputy sheriffs.
Highwayman A robber who preys on public roads.
Hillier A roof tiler, or slater.
Hind A skilled farm labourer, or a household or domestic servant.
Hinxman See Henchman.
Hired Man A gardener, farmhand, or stableman.
Hobbler A person who was employed to tow a boat on the rivers or canals.
Hod A bricklayer’s labourer.
Hodsman mason’s assistant
Hoggard A pig drover.
Hog Reeve One who rounded up the stray hogs on city streets
Holloware Worker Pottery worker who made ornaments, teapots, etc, or one involved in the production of tin trunks, boxes, etc.
Holster A groomer of horses
Hoofer A dancer.
Hooker A reaper, or a worker in textile industry who operated a machine which laid fabric flat in uniform folds
Hoop Bender
Hooper One who made hoops for casks and barrels
Hop Porter
Horner A worker in horn making spoons, combs, or musical horns.
Horse & General Dealer
Horse Capper dealer in worthless horses
Horse Clipper
Horse Clothing Maker
Horse Collar Maker
Horse Coper A horse dealer.
Horse Courser owner of race horses
Horse Dealer
Horse Driver Drove horses.
Horse Flesh Dealer
Horse Hair Comber Brush One who made horse brushes and curry combs
Horse Hair Curler dressed horse hair which was used extensively in the upholstery trade
Horse Hair Dealer Dealer in horse hair
Horse Hair Dresser Dresses horse hair
Horse Hair Dresser, Brush
Horse Keeper Also Horsekeeper; Someone who Kept horses
Horse Keeper, Groom
Horse Knave A groom.
Horse Leech A horse-doctor, Farrier, or Veterinarian.
Horse Marine Man-handled barges on canals when horses could not be used.
Horse Meat Saleswoman
Horse Slaughterer
Horsler or Horstler A groom, or a horse servant at an inn.
Hose (stocking) manufacturer Manufacturer of stockings
Hosier retailer of stockings, socks, gloves, nightcaps etc.
Hospital Porter
Hosteller An innkeeper.
Hostler or Ostler Horse groomer. See Horsler
Hot Water Engineer
Hot Water Fitter
Hotel & Restaurant Keeper
Hotel Cook
Hotel Plateman
Hotpresser A worker who operated a machine to press the material between glazed boards and hot metal plates to obtain a smooth and shiny surface in paper or textile industries.
House & Estate Agent
House Agent
House Boy, Dom
House Decorator
House Joiner house framer
House Keeper Also Housekeeper; A domestic servant
House Maid Also Housemaid;
House Painter
House proprietor
House Wright house builder
Howdy Wife A midwife.
Hoyman A person who carried goods and passengers by water in a hoy, a small coastal vessel.
Huckster Also Coster or Hawker; Sells small wares, or a street seller of ale.
Huissher An usher, or door attendant.
Hurdleman or Hurdler Someone who made hedges, of wattled framework fencing.
Hurriers Girls aged 5-18 who were employed as coal-drawers in the coal mining industry.
Husbandman A farmer who cultivated the land, tenant farmer
Hush Shop Keeper brewed beer and sold it without a license (usually as a side line)
Hydrolic Lift Attendant Miss-spelling of Hydraulic.