Victorian Occupations – I

19th Century Occupations or job descriptions from Ice Cream Vendor to Ivory Worker.

Ice Cream Vendor One who sells ice cream
Ice Maker
Ice Malster
Iceman A seller or deliverer of ice
Idleman A gentleman of leisure
Importer of French Produce
Indentured Servant Someone who has committed to working for someone for a fixed number of years.
India Rubber Waterproofer
Infant’s Bootmaker
Infant’s Milliner
Infirmarian Someone in charge of an infirmary
Ink Stand Maker
Inkstand Fitter
Inn Keeper Also Innkeeper; Someone who runs an inn
Inspector of Police
Instrument Maker
Instrument Stamp Maker
Insurance Agent
Insurance Clerk
Insurance Collector collected insurance premiums from customers
Intelligencer A spy.
Intendent A director of a public or government business.
Interfactor A murderer.
Interpreter of Language
Invoice Clerk
Iron & Brass Moulder
Iron & Metal Dealer
Iron Founder Someone who works in an iron foundry, one who casts, or founds iron.
Iron Founder’s Pattern Maker
Iron Galvaniser
Iron Master The owner or manager of a foundry
Iron Minder
Iron miner One who mined iron ore
Iron Monger or Ironmonger dealer in hardware made of iron
Iron Moulder
Iron Safe Maker
Iron Smith A blacksmith, a worker in iron.
Ironer ironed clothing
Isinglass Manufacturer
Italian Organ Grinder
Ivory Merchant
Ivory Turner
Ivory Worker A person who makes combs, boxes, billard balls, buttons, and piano keys