Victorian Occupations – J

19th Century Occupations or job descriptions from Jack to Justiciar.

Jack young male assistant, sailor, or lumberjack
Jack-Frame Tenter A worker who operated a jack-frame, used for giving a twist to the thread in the Cotton industry.
Jack Smith maker of lifting machinery, etc.
Jagger Fish peddler, carrier, or carter.
Jakes Farmer A person who emptied cesspools.
Jam Maker Someone who makes jam.
Japanner Someone who varnishes wooden furniture with a hard brilliant coat of hard lacquer. Invented in Japan.
Jerquer Custom house officer who searched ships.
Jersey Comber A worker in woollen manufacture. (wool which has been combed but not spun into yarn is called Jersey).
Jersey Maker
Jet Flower Maker
Jet Worker
Jetwork Polisher
Jewel Case Maker
Jewell Case Maker
Jeweller made jewelry
Jeweller & Watchmaker Someone who made jewelry and watches
Jewish Meat Seller Someone who sold meat prepared in accordance with Jewish Law (Kosher)
Jewish Preacher & Brother A Rabbi
Jewish Teacher Someone who taught Hebrew.
Job Buyer
Job Finger
Jobber A buyer in quantity to sell to others, a pieceworker
Jobbing Bricklayer
Jobbing Gardener One employed on a casual basis.
Job Coachman The driver of coach hired out for long periods to nobility or gentry.
Jobling Gardener One employed on a casual basis. May be a misspelling, see Jobbing Gardener.
Jobmaster A person who supplied carriages, horses and drivers for hire.
Joiner A skilled carpenter. One who works with wood. See also Joyner.
Joiner & Glazier
Jongleur A travelling minstrel.
Jorman A journeyman.
Journalist Editor
Journeyman one who served his apprenticeship and mastered his craft – time served, and no longer had to work for someone else (though they often still did).
Journeyman Baker time served baker – in other words, fully qualified
Journeyman Shoemaker ditto, shoemaker
Journeyman Sweep ditto, sweep
Jouster A fish monger, usually a female hawker of fish, travelling from town to town.
Joyner A skilled carpenter. See Joiner
Junior Clerk a junior anything is usually one learning the job
Justiciar The head of the royal judicial system and the king’s viceroy when absent from the country.
Juvenile Clothier’s Hand
Juvenile Tailoress
Juvenile Work, Shirt