Victorian Occupations – N

19th Century Occupations or job descriptions from Nail Cutter to Nursery Boot Maker.

Nail Cutter
Nail Maker
Nail Manufacturer The owner of a nail making shop or factory.
Nanny Girl, Dom
Naperer A royal servant in charge of table linen.
Napier A person in charge of the table linen in a Manor House. See Naperer
Narrow Weaver A weaver of ribbons and tapes, etc.
Nautical Instrument Maker
Navigator A sailor in charge of navigating, a pilot, or a labourer who dug canals and later worked on the railways. The origin of navvy.
Navigor See Navigator.
Navvy A labourer.
Neatherd or Neatherder Herds cows
Necessary Woman A servant responsible for emptying and cleaning chamber pots
Necker Someone who fed cardboard into the machine that makes cardboard boxes.
Nedder or Nedeller A needle maker.
Needle Hand, Shirt Also Needlehand;
Needle Pointer A filer or fettler in needlemaking, or a person engaged in the craft of needlepoint.
Needle Woman Also Needlewoman, Someone who sews.
Netter Someone who made nets.
Nettir A knitter.
News Vendor, Coster Someone who sold newspapers on the streets.
Newsagent Also News Agent; A shop that sold newspapers.
Newspaper Seller Also News Paper Seller
Night Porter
Night Soilman one who emptied cesspits, ashpits and backyard toilets
Night Watchman A caretaker, or watchman
Nightman See Night Soilman.
Nightman, Chemical Works
Nightwalker A watchman or bellman.
Nimgimmer A doctor.
Nipper A lorry boy, or young person employed by the carter or wagoner to assist with the collection and delivery of goods.
Nob Thatcher A maker of wigs.
Noon Tender Someone who guarded goods on the quay while the customs officers or dockers were at lunch.
Notary Someone authorised to draw up or witness contracts, wills, deeds, or similar documents.
Notary’s Clerk
Noterer A Notary.
Nudel Sorter Someone who sorts Nudels.
Nudel Sorter, Apprentice An apprentice to a qualified Nudel Sorter.
Numberer, Print
Numberer, Wool
Numerical Printer
Nurse Tended the sick.
Nurse Girl A trainee nurse.
Nurse, Dom A domestic nurse.
Nurse, Sick Nurse.
Nursemaid Nurses children
Nursery Boot Maker Made boots for children.
Nursery Governess, Dom