Victorian Occupations – O

19th Century Occupations or job descriptions from Occupier to Oyster Dredger.

Oak Wood Sawyer
Occupier A tradesman.
Odd Job Man
Office Attendant
Office Boy An office junior
Office Caretaker
Office Cleaner, Char Someone who cleans an office.
Office Keeper
Office Lad
Office Messenger
Office Porter
Office Youth
Officer of County Court
Officer of Customs
Officer, Inland Revenue
Oil & Colour Salesman
Oil & Colourman
Oil Merchant, Colour
Oil Refiner
Oilman One who sold oil for lamps.
Oilman, Colour
Old Clothes Hawker
Olitor A kitchen gardener, from Olitory; a kitchen garden.
Omnibus Conductor Collects fares in an omnibus (bus).
Omnibus Driver Drives an omnibus.
Operative Chemist
Optical Glass Maker
Optical Goldsmith
Optician Someone who examines eyes and precribes glasses.
Orange Dealer
Orange Peeler Someone who peels oranges.
Orange Porter Someone who carries crates of oranges in a fruit market.
Orderly A soldier who acted as a servant for an officer.
Ordinary, or Ordinary Keeper An innkeeper with fixed prices
Ornamental Confectioner
Orrery Maker Someone who made a mechanical device for showing the movements of the planets. Named after the inventor; the Earl of Orrery.
Orrice Weaver A weaver of lace patterns in silk thread and silk.
Osier or Withy Peeler Someone who removed bark from willow rods or osiers which were used in basket weaving
Osler A bird catcher.
Osnard An oxen herder.
Osteopathic Nurse, Sick
Ostiary A monastery door keeper.
Ostler one who looks after horses; stableboy. See Hostler.
Ostrich Feather Curler
Ostrich Feather Dealer Someone who deals in ostrich feathers.
Ostrich Feather Hand
Ostrich Feather Preparer
Out Crier An auctioneer.
Outrider An attendant riding a horse before or behind a carriage.
Outworker Someone who worked from home.
Oven Builder
Overlooker A superintendent or overseer, especially in the textile mills. sometimes an hereditary position.
Overman A foreman in a mine who checked the miners work and the quality of the mined coal.
Overmantel Maker
Overseer Bag Dept, G.P.O.
Owler sheep or wool smuggler
Oyster Dredger member of the crew on board an oyster fishing boat
Oyster Opener