Victorian Occupations – Q

19th Century Occupations or job descriptions from Quarantine to Qwylwryghte.

Quarantine Officers of customs and quarantine, they were responsible for ensuring that anyone arriving on a vessel with a foul bill (i.e. coming from a country where plague existed), did not come ashore until they had spent a period of quarantine to make sure that symptoms of plague did not develop. This practice started in England with an act of parliament in 1710, although the origins of the word quarantine dates from 1377 in Dubrovnik. The last vestige of the British quarantine law was removed by the Public Health Act of 1896, which repealed the Quarantine Act of 1825.
Quarrel Picker A glazier
Quarrier A quarry worker
Quarry Man or Quarryman A stone cutter
Quay Clerk A clerk who worked at a quay or wharf.
Quiller Someone who operated a machine that wound yarn onto spools.
Quilter Someone who quilted material.
Quilteress A female who quilted material.
Quiltress A female who quilted material.
Quister Someone who bleached things.
Qwylwryghte A wheelwright.