Victorian Occupations – U

19th Century Occupations or job descriptions from Ulnager to Upright Worker.

Ulnager examined the quality of woollen goods to be sold
Umbrella & Stick Maker
Umbrella & Walking Stick Dresser
Umbrella Case Maker
Umbrella Coverer
Umbrella Cutter
Umbrella Finisher
Umbrella Frame Maker
Umbrella Machinist
Umbrella Maker
Umbrella Stick Carver
Under Foreman
Under Housemaid
Underclothing Machinist
Underclothing Maker
Underclothing Presser
Undergraduate of Cambridge Univ.
Underwriter & Shipowner
Unfortunate prostitute
Upholder An upholsterer, or someone who made quilts or mattresses. Also a cheapjack and seller of secondhand goods. Also someone who assisted an auctioneer.
Upholsterer’s Trimmer
Upholsterer’s Tunner
Upholsteress A female upholsterer.
Upholstery Merchant
Upright Worker A chimney sweep.