Victorian Occupations – V

19th Century Occupations or job descriptions from Vaginarius to Vulcan.

Vaginarius A sheather, or scabbard maker.
Valet male servant that attended a nobleman or gentleman.
Valuator Someone who assessed the value of objects.
Vamp Beader Someone who sewed beads on to the upper part of shoes
Vamp Shoe Messenger
Van Boy
Van Builder
Van Driver
Van Guard Also Vanguard; A guard on a train.
Van Inspector
Van Porter
Van Washer
Varnisher (Furniture) Someone who applied varnish to furniture.
Vassal Servant of the lowest order
Vatman Someone employed in the paper making industry to put the paper pulp into the moulds. Also someone who worked with vats in a brewery.
Vegetable Cook
Vegetable Hawker
Vegetable Maid, Domestic
Vegetable Salesman Someone who sold vegetables.
Vellum & Parchmant Dealer
Vellum Binder Someone who bound vellum.
Vellum Sewer Someone who sewed vellum.
Venator A huntsman.
Vendor of Cats Meat
Vendor of Sweets Someone who sold sweets, a confectioner.
Veneer & Timber Dealer
Veneer Cutter
Veneer Dyer
Veneer Repairer
Venur A huntsman.
Verderer An official in charge of the royal forest, they are the watchdogs of the Forest landscape.
Verge Maker Someone who made the spindles used in clocks and watches.
Verger one who worked with the priest in the running the church
Verrier A glazier.
Vest Hand
Vest Maker Also Vestmaker;
Vestment Maker Someone who made the gowns worn by priests.
Veterinery Surgeon
Vicar of St. Stephen’s, Walworth
Victualler or Victualer A tavern keeper, or one who provides an army, navy, or ship with food supplies. A seller of food and drink.
Viewer one who worked at the mines in a managerial capacity
Villein Someone who paid dues to the lord of the manor in return for use of the land.
Vintager grape farmer, wine maker
Vintner wine merchant
Violin Maker
Virginal Player Someone who played a musical instrument similar to a harpsichord.
Visitor of Sick A volunteer who visits sick people to cheer them up.
Vocal Comedian, Actor
Vocalist, Music
Vulcan Blacksmith